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Clips4Sale.com - Jillian Janson, Riley Mae - The Girl is Mine [HD 720p]

Riley and Jillian are in Riley's bedroom. Riley and Robby just inherited their hood home from their parents a few years back and they're sharing the home until they sell it. Riley laments over her situation to her best friend, "I can't believe I'm living with my brother again." Jillian smiles at her sweet friend, "it definitely feels like the old days, look at us in our PJs, watching movies, having a sleepover," Jillian has a sip of wine. She's got a lot on her mind and her friend Riley is so sweet to ask that she stays the night. Jillian and Riley are longtime friends, everything is perfect with their relationship, except the occasional long stare that Riley gives her. Jillian has always made excuses for her friend's admiration of her body, the way way Riley will lean in and smell her perfume, Riley's an artist-- all artists are a little eccentric.Riley sips her wine and listens to Jillian rant about her latest issue. Riley can hardly pay attention as she focuses on Jillian's supple lips, her ocean blue eyes, oh-- they are the perfect shade of blue, her eyes lower as she casually admires Jillian's perky breasts in her lace camisole. Riley wonders if Jillian ever dreams about being with a woman. Riley's day dreaming is cut off when the girls hear footsteps creaking the stairs. Jillian, "is your brother home?" Riley rolls her eyes, "yeah, but don't worry, he knows he's not to come in my bedroom." Jillian smiles at Riley's annoyance with him, "I think your brother is kinda hot." Riley, "www, gross." Jillian, "why don't we ask him if from a guy's perspective if two girls dancing at the club is hot." Riley presses her lips together and contemplates Jillian's body pressed up against her's, if her brother has to be in the room to make that happen, so be it. Jillian calls out, "Robby!"

Year: 2017
Genre: Incest, Sisters, Brother, Family, Taboo, Lesbian, Threesome, Creampie
Duration: 00:29:39

Format: MP4
Quality: HD
Video: Video (H264) 1280x720 29.97fps 8000Kbps
Audio: AAC 48000Hz stereo 128kbps
Size: 557 MB

Clips4Sale.com - Jillian Janson, Riley Mae - The Girl is Mine [HD 720p]

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